Our Story

CISSDM, pronounced as "system," has been in development since 2008 internally at Corporate IT Solutions. It's our in-house developed platform that allows us to manage and monitor our customers' networks, security, inventory, escalation tickets, and billing all in one place. The evolution of the name is simple. Corporate IT Solutions, the legacy name of our company since its birth in 2008, has always been shortened to CIS. We've also noted that software defined management (SDM) isn't a term that is widely yet used as SD-WAN. This combination is the birth of CISSDM. CIS has been around since 2008 and has developed many custom networks with SD-WAN-like capabilities for distributed enterprises.

Having used CISSDM over time, we realized that our Corporate IT Solutions Software Defined Management (CISSDM) platform is unique and delivers value to our employees, partners, and customers. It's a single pane of glass as a portal for our customers to monitor, get analytics from, and make changes to their network. A system is often defined as "a set of things working together as parts of an interconnecting network" or "a set of principles or procedures according to which something is done; an organized method." Corporate IT Solutions has always worked on so many interconnecting parts of the network, and our team has developed methodologies in regards to deploying new networks. The idea of CISSDM encompasses all these things.

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